Darkwood Fingerboards - This is Deservedly One of the Best Fingerboard Decks in the World.

- Maximum Comfort of our boards for riders of any level.

- Increased durability of the decks, thanks to a special varnish.

- Value for High Quality and Low Prices.

DW Fingerboards - Maximally Convenient for beginners and for experienced fingerboard players. It's easy to learn complex tricks on our boards, they will be immediately obtained, without any effort.


Veneer for the production of our boards, imported from abroad - Decks are made only from the Canadian Clone and Exotic varieties of veneer. Depending on the series - We produce 5-6-7 ply boards, of various sizes and shapes of turning. For the production of our Fingerboards - We use an adhesive of increased moisture resistance class D4. After the press mold, we cover our decks with a special impregnation that covers all the small cracks in the tree, which increases the life of your board several times, this procedure does not allow the veneer to dry, after which the boards are covered with finishing varnish in 5-7 thin layers.


Our goal in Fingerboarding is the ease of riding and realistic execution of stunts. Fingerboard is a miniature copy of a skateboard, and that's why skating is identical to a skateboard. No high stunts and cheat skating. Only pleasure from realistic execution. Dark Wood - These are the first Low Fingerboards made in Russia - Produced from 2015, in the Far East of Russia in the city of Khabarovsk.



- We sell fingerboard kits, completes , boards, wheels, trucks , all kinds of coatings for fb, tuning, boardrails, author's obstacles from wood, concrete and much more for practicing fingerboard.